NanoSpire, Inc.
Cavitation Processing Solutions

Competitive Advantages

NanoSpire’s in-house cavitation expertise is unrivalled anywhere in the world. Our broad IP portfolio gives us a unique position to touch almost every aspect of nanotechnology, offering fundamental advantages over existing technologies. All the members of NanoSpire are seasoned experts at getting products to market.

NanoSpire high shear mixing technology will provide greater performance and at less cost than all current or foreseen technologies in the space:

         Shear Rates 4X Greater than Current High Shear Technology

         Impact Energy 16X Greater than Current High Shear Technology

         Lower Equipment Cost/Throughput

         Energy Consumption 50X Less than Current High Shear Technology

         Ultra High Repeatability, Control and Reliable Scale-up

         Smaller Footprint & Less Weight

         Achieve Low Nanometer Particle Size Distributions with any Material

         Less Wear, Lower Maintenance, Easier Cleanup

         Unique, Proprietary & Highly Accurate Cavitation Process Predictive Capability

         Easier to Manufacture


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